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Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu


I am pleased to announce that Practical Wing Chun Sweden is now a reality. Promoting the style of Sifu Wan Kam Leung, you can also be part of the future of this unique close quarter combat system.



What is Practical Wing Chun?


Wing Chun is a chinese selfdefence system, allegedly created by a chinese nun named Ng Mui more than 300 years ago.

Practical Wing Chun is based on simple movements, logical according to biomechanics and emphasises on economy of motion.

There are many branches of Wing Chun, and a lot of interpretations of the system depending on the master of the system. The system we practice in Practical Wing Chun Sweden is the style of Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung, who has modified the style of his Sifu, Wong Shun Leung, to make it even more practical.



What do you get out of practicing Wing Chun?


Practical Wing Chun is suitable for everyone regardless physical size, gender and age, since physical strenght and acrobatic abilities doesn´t play a crucial part in this system.

Besides learning an efficient selfdefence system, you get in better shape, get an increased selfconfidence and an overall better physical and mental conditon.






Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung and Sifu Alan